Our activity is carried out with complete respect of labour rights as fundamental “rights” of men in accordance with the safety of the working environment.

The company is provided with a “sustainability manager” for the energetic efficiency of the departments and for the reduction of the environmental impact.

Our code of ethics:

  1. The profession must be practiced observing the State laws and it is considered an activity of public interest. Each employee is responsible for its actions towards the customer and the community.
  2. Excogita fulfils its commitments with diligence and attention, it doesn’t perform any professional service in conditions that are incompatible with its juridical state and when its or customer’s interests are in conflict with the professional duty. Excogita rejects all the activities for which it believes to have inadequate competences and/or inadequate potentiality to accomplish the commitments.
  3. Excogita always aims to improve and update its competence to satisfy the needs of each customer and of the community to reach the best results compared to costs and conditions.
  4. Professional partnerships with competitors are based on the absolute integrity and honesty in order to reach common know how and professional identity. Such behaviour must be extended to and required by other companies involved in intellectual activities and in particular by those who are related to engineering science.
  5. Excogita must avoid to injure co-worker and competitor’s professional reputation and, in case of clear unethical practice, it must contact the proper authority for action (Professional Associations).
  6. When Excogita is called to replace someone in an existing project, it can accept the proposal only after the first company is definitively relieved by the customer.
  7. Avoiding to use any means, advertisement included, that are incompatible with self-respect in order to obtain professional partnership by enhancing one’s own quality and by denigrating the others or by promising advantages or privileges out of the professional partnership.
  8. The partnership with the customer is of trustworthy kind and must be based on integrity, clarity and honesty.
  9. Excogita must observe the professional secret; it shall not disclose any information acquired by accomplishing professional services without the consent of interested parties.
  10. Excogita shall not receive any direct or indirect payment from a third-party, except for compensation due from the customer, if not previously declaring the reason, the subject and the entity to the customer, who must provide an authorization to collect.
  11. Personal services are performed according to the safety and health of the workers.
  12. To perform activities Excogita must avoid environmental modification that may affect the ecological balance and the preservation of the cultural, artistic and historic heritage.
  13. Each partnership with Excogita must aim to the best use of the natural resources and to the lowest energy waste.
  14. Excogita must take part to the life of the community which it belongs to.
  15. Tax evasion in the professional field, if definitively verified, constitutes a disciplinary code violation.