“Turnkey” formula for production machines, equipment, automated and robotic assembly lines. Direct customer service, preventive maintenance, remote assistance.

Design and drawings of machines for various applications: “from the project to the machine”. Turnkey formula for production machines, special machines, working stations, ,mechanical implant, industrial automation systems and robotics, manufacturing/treatments/assembling lines, test benches for mechanical or electronic components. Design and supply of actuation system (Robot Design), calculation and synthesis of “artificial sensitivity” systems, geometric and dynamic analyses oriented to process automation, drawings, rendering and real time analysis of automatic systems (electronic, pneumatic, hydraulic). Design and supply of control systems (Control Design), design of sensitivity nets for events control; design, calculation and synthesis of “artificial intelligence systems”, synthesis of control algorithm, analysis and supervision based on deterministic theories o neural nets; integration of mixed systems: electromechanical, electropneumatic, electrohydraulic controlled by centralized electronic boards.

Some types of Special Machines made:

Working cells automatic or semi-automatic for assembly ball bearings, cylindrical and barrel roller bearings, needle roller bearings, tapered roller bearings.
Working cells automatic or semi-automatic for nuts and recirculating ball or recirculating roller screws.
Machine for assembling motors and rotors.
Hydraulics test machines and hydraulic blocks.
Robotic thermoformed extraction systems.
Automatic micro-blanking machine.
Robotized welding cell.
Lighting towers welding line.
Machining center for crankshafts.
Hot-nail riveting machine with demagnetization.
Coil or yoke demagnetization machine (tunnel or belt).
Induction heating machines.
Automatic gluing machine for medical sheets.
Automatic line for penetrating liquids.
Shaft, tube and screws lapping machine.
Automatic machines for processing of hard metal (metal powder).

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