Complete supply of test benches for product development and production control. Design and realization of measurement chains to evaluate the physical quantity of a system, the efficiency and durability.

Design and supply of automatic measure systems (Measure Chain Design) for mechanical products: consulting for laboratory procedures and testing, design, calculation and synthesis of measure systems for production control. Implementation of measure systems, test benches, experimental stations based on software/hardware homogenous platform developed by National Instruments. Integration of measure devices, standard automations and programmable logic controller , system integrator Schneider, Bosch, Festo, Simens (oleodynamic, pneumatic, electric drive and motor ). Integration of contactless measure and control systems based on optic sensors, setup of network for data acquisition, management and transmission.

Some types of Test Benches made:

Test benches for ball screws, recirculating roller screws, satellite roller screws, trapezoidal screws.
Test benches for ball bearings, cylindrical and barrel roller bearings, needle roller bearings, tapered roller bearings.
Test benches for gearboxes, reducers and transmission boxes.
Test benches for linear and rotary systems (boards, modules, slides, pistons).
Test benches for electromechanical actuator and screw jacks.
Motion simulator for railway carriages and locomotives.
Brake test benches.
Engine test benches.
Test benches for electronic boards.
Test bench with hydraulic pulsations and fluxing.
Sealing rings test benches.
Test benches for motor vehicle suspensions.
High performance climatic chambers.

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